Luz Delantera Spiker 1207
Luz Delantera Spiker 1207
Luz Delantera Spiker 1207
Luz Delantera Spiker 1207

Luz Delantera Spiker 1207

Precio habitual
$ 1,990.00
Precio de oferta
$ 1,990.00
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Impuesto incluido.

Xeccon offers a range of affordable lights and the Spiker 1207 is currently their top model. Using a pair of Cree LEDs it’s said to produce 2,200 lumens — an impressive claim for the dollars.

The light is supplied with tool-free helmet and handlebar mounts. It straps to the bar with a simple but effective O-ring system. For helmet mounting, the same O-ring ties the light to an adaptor bracket, which in turn mounts to the helmet. This doublebracket setup makes the light sit a fair way above the helmet, making its 133g weight more noticeable.

The lithium-ion battery cells are wrapped in a rubber case, then strapped into a neoprene bag. A built-in neoprene strap is used for frame mounting; it worked but a non-stretch velcro strap held the battery more securely.

All of the functions are controlled via a wired remote switch. Again O-rings are used to hold the switch to the bar and the connecting wires are sufficiently long for wide MTB bars. The remote button is quite large and easy enough to locate if you choose to run it as a helmet light, however the 34cm long stretch of wire needs to be wrapped up out of the way to ensure you don’t snag a low branch on the trail.

While this is pitched as a 2,200 lumen light, the actual light output appeared comparable to lights that claim 1,200 or 1,300 lumens. Whatever the actual figure, power is still more than sufficient for off-road riding.

The beam pattern has a sharp and distinct cut-off around the periphery; within this circle there’s plenty of light but it’s blackness beyond. While the central beam covers a reasonable area, the distinct beam cut-off can be more straining on your eyes — especially when it’s run as a handlebar light. For singletrack riding, the Spiker 1207 performs much better when helmet mounted. While it has some glitches, it’s certainly one of the higher-powered options at this price.

Gía de Tallas

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US (W) UK EU cm
5 2.5 36 23.0
6 3.5 37 23.8
6.5 4 37.5 24.2
7 4.5 38 24.7
7.5 5 38.5 25.1
8 5.5 39 25.5
8.5 6 39.5 25.9
9 6.5 40 26.3
9.5 7 40.5 26.8
10 7.5 41 27.2
11 8.5 42 28.0